Extinguisher Selection

Fire extinguishers can be considered the “first line” of defense when personnel are confronted with an incident involving fire.

The locations and types of fires vary considerably. Wormald are able to provide protection for all types and classes of fires. Our personnel are also able to assist clients in selecting the correct fire extinguisher for their particular risk.

The common classes of fires, which these extinguishers are designed to combat, are:

  • Class A - carbonaceous solids, e.g. wood, paper and plastics
  • Class B - flammable and combustible liquids
  • Class C - flammable gases
  • Class (E) - fire involving energised electrical equipment
  • Class F - fire involving cooking oils and fats

Common types of fire extinguishers that are available include:

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 Extinguisher Range
Extinguisher TypeSizeSuitability
Foam4.5Lt & 9LtA or B
Dry Chemical1Kg to 9KgE & C
Wet Chemical3.4Lt & 7LtF & A
Carbon Dioxide2Kg to 5KgB & E

Our Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart will help you to determine which fire extinguisher type will best suit your needs.

The products, which we offer, are all manufactured to the strict requirements of the appropriate Australian Standards and are warranted against defects for a period of six (6) years providing they are installed, and maintained, in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

If you wish to download a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any of our Wormald extinguishers, please click here.