Fire Safety Tips

The following Fire And Safety Tips (F.A.S.T) are designed to give you a brief and reliable guide to both Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms. These tips outline the basic maintenance such as, positioning and battery life and usage concepts like pulling the extinguisher's pin and how to correctly aim the extinguisher to help ensure you are properly prepared for dangerous fire situations.

The Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) household tips also provide an illustrated guide to general fire and safety in the home. You can also visit the FPAA website for all their latest fire awareness guides and information.

Fire Extinguisher Tips

Fire extinguishers help to save lives and protect property.

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Household Tips

In Australia each year some seventy people die as a result of house fire and more than 1,000 people suffer from serious burns in house fires.

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Smoke Alarm Tips

Few homeowners realise the importance of regular maintenance of smoke alarms.

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